The Women Communicators of Austin and Freelance Austin have found a solution for your health insurance.

Decent is offering members a further discount on some of the most affordable plans on the market. Get a quote here:

Fair health insurance for freelancers

Freelancers have been on the losing side of health insurance premiums even though they tend to be one of the youngest and healthiest segments of the workforce. For the first time, a health insurance plan is going to be exclusively composed of freelancers - bringing with it the fair rates that freelancers have always deserved.

A new, better kind of primary care

The Trailblazer plan is based around a network of Direct Primary Care doctors which means that you will never have to pay anything out of pocket to see yours. The relationship between you and your Primary Care Physician is at the very heart of the plan. Your doctor is your doctor is your doctor. It’s our belief that an insurance company shouldn’t come between you two.

Truly transparent pricing.

We believe you should know what you're going to pay whenever you need anything from healthcare and we've designed our plan to be heavily based around that idea. The Trailblazer plan leans heavily towards copays vs. coinsurance so you can make informed decisions about your health.
Choosing Decent

We surveyed 89 freelancers on the Trailblazer plan and a traditional Silver plan. We found 64% of participants with a preference would pick the Trailblazer plan for themselves.

If you had to purchase an insurance plan for yourself which plan would you pick?

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